A survey on Galaxy

Galaxy is a work-bench for Bioinformatics and other Computational Biological Problem Solving Approach. You need to get acquainted with Galaxy environment and know the capabilities of this tool and also need to develop a workflow addressing some Bioinformatics problem to solve it.

  1. Install Ubuntu
  2. Install Galaxy-Central in the local machine
  3. Though Galaxy can be used from the web without installing it in the local machine, but in that case you need to have consistent internet connection. And you can not develop and deploy your own tools in the Global-Host server.
  4. Immediately try to practice the tutorial "_Tutorial_Galaxy_A_001_Galaxy 101 The first thing you should try.pdf (attached bellow)" in the Galaxy (in the web, not in the local installation)
  5. Learn How to use Galaxy
  6. What features are in Galaxy
  7. Try to understand different tools in the Galaxy
  8. You need to model solutions for some specific bioinformatics questions (problems) in the Galaxy. (this will be the project development part of this study project, will share more gradually)

Some Resources-