A Study on Application of Python & Bio-Python in Bioinformatics (survey on tools, features & applications)

In this project work you need to explore the power of biopython to be used in bioinformatics programming.

  1. Learn the Python, at least the basic
    1. Syntax
    2. Data Types
    3. Advanced Data Types (List, Dictionaries)
    4. Conditional Operators
    5. Looping
    6. OOP concepts in Python

  1. Explore the Biopython package
    1. Different Classes and Functions for Bioinformatics Programming
    2. Capabilities and Limitations

  1. In the project work you can choose one of the following avenues (detail will be discussed gradually)
    1. Develop or enhance some existing Biopython packages/classes
    2. Model/Develop some Bioinformatics Problem solving application
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