A survey & review on R & Bioconductor for Bioinformatics

You have to think for the following points while working on this project-

  • Have some minimal scripting expertness in R.
    • Syntax, Data Types, Conditional Operator, Loop, Visualization Techniques, Advanced Visualization Techniques
  • What is Bioconductor?
  • Features and capabilities of Bioconductor
  • Applications of Bioconductor
  • You will learn how to use Bioconductor Package
  • You should use Bioconductor in at least one of the following bioinformatics analysis / data mining
    • DNA Microarray Expression Data Analysis using Bioconductor (Clustering / Classification) [Most common]
    • Machine Learning Using Bioconductor [still scope of work]
    • HapMap Dataset exploration and Analysis using Bioconductor [a new horizon]
  • First try to skim through the topics, and gradually narrow your scope of choice.
  • We will decide the project depending on your choice of fields... (gradually we will work on this)
  • Install Ubuntu, R (2.13) and Bioconductor
  • Think of your 3-presentations, book your schedule ASAP
  • Browse -

Some Sample Papers / other Resources-