A survey & review on BLAST

In this study project you have to explore the existing BLAST Algorithm and read different variants of BLAST. Finally you have to code an application for local BLAST using BLAST packages of Biopython.


  1. Start learning Python, at least the basic things-
    1. Syntax
    2. Data Types
    3. Conditions
    4. Looping
  2. Learn to use Biopython Package (Chapter 3,4,5,7 of "Tutorial_Biopython Cookbook")
  3. Install Ubuntu, Python, BLAST-packages
  4. What is BLAST algorithm?
  5. How BLAST works?
  6. Application of BLAST-
    1. Sequence Similarity
    2. Pairwise Sequence Alignment
    3. Homology Searching
    4. etc...
  7. How to Use the BLAST
  8. Different Parameters of BLAST
  9. Scoring Matrix Concepts
  10. Do some NCBI BLAST online in practice
  11. Concepts of FASTA
  12. Comparison of FASTA & BLAST
  13. Development of Local BLAST program which can BLAST both on the web (i.e: NCBI site) and in the Local (dna sequences stored locally). [this will lead to the project work, will work in detail in the coming days]

Some Resources-