Bio-Bio-1 is a voluntary not-for-profit organization, formed by some passionate individuals in late 2008 to learn Bioinformatics for making some senses from the Enigma of Life. It also aims to spread the excitement of Research and Development by infecting the like-minded individuals (especially the young ones) through several programs (i.e.: weekly Study Circles).

The main objectives of Bio-Bio-1 are:-
1. Learn the Bioinformatics knowledge from closely interacting multiple academic and professional disciplines, including Life Sciences, Computing Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Software Engineering and Large Scale Database optimization.
2. Popularize and spread the need for Bioinformatics learning among the local students and professionals in Bangladesh.
3. Procure offshore sourcing programming and development projects in Bioinformatics from abroad.
4. Writing practical handbooks on Bioinformatics and publish papers in the field of research.

The Core founding Team Members of Bio-Bio-1 are: Mr. Zohirul Alam Tiemoon, Mr. Saddam Hossain, Ms. Farjana Khatun, and Fokhruz Zaman. Prof Supten Sarbadhikari has been very kind to be the prime Bio-Bio-1 mentor and adviser for last many months.